How to use Gripe Water to pacify your little one?

How to use Gripe Water to pacify your little one?

What is Gripewater?

As a colic remedy, gripewater is what you can give your little ones when they are having stomach related problems like gas, acidity, indigestion and get fussy. As a mother you get worked up with your toddler and you rush to soothe them through the slightest discomfort. Still, you can recognize that one of the scariest moments as mother is giving them a new product as a colic remedy. The last thing you prefer to do is make your toddler feel worse. Woodward’s gripewater is made just for you and your baby. They have been proudly burping babies since 1851, that’s more than 170 years.

Gripewater Uses

Woodward’s Gripewater is infant friendly, ayurvedic formulation that relieves stomach discomfort, and helps your infants to pass gas, maybe battle constipation, motivate bowel movements and for that reason act as a colic remedy. It is gentle & time-tested.

Apart from that it also:

  • Is useful during teething periods
  • Promotes and aids digestion
  • Ensures healthy growth

Are there side effects of gripewater?

No, there are no known side effects and Woodward’s is being trusted and used across the globe.

Some mothers observe that their infants appear drowsier after a dose of gripewater. But does Woodward’s gripewater make infants sleepy?

Not really. When stomach / colic pain is reduced, your baby naturally feels more comfortable. When babies feel comfortable, they start sleeping, which is how babies grow.
Is gripewater a safe colic remedy for newborns?

Woodward’s gripewater is a very suitable choice as it is the preference of mothers for generations, if you are looking out for a colic remedy.

Woodward’s gripewater does not contain alcohol and it is an ayurvedic formulation, which is very desirable for your baby’s health and act as a colic remedy.

But make sure you choose the original Woodward’s Gripewater, as there are many imitators available in the market.

Give Gripe water to your baby as a colic remedy by first analyzing the instructions, and solely give your child the recommended dosage.

If your infant suffers from colic, the pain may come in waves and irritate after every feeding. You can provide gripe water after a feed to assist your infant to avoid pain.

Woodward’s Gripe water commonly has a nice taste, so most toddlers won’t mind drinking it. You would possibly be tempted to combine gripe water with your baby’s formula or breast milk. But that’s not required and for maximum results, you ought to provide your toddler gripe water by itself. Because giving the gripewater without mixing with something else makes it an excellent colic remedy.

In conclusion, gripe water is a tremendous way to ease your newborn’s stomach discomfort. It is a secure way to relieve your infant of pain from hiccups, colic and upset tummy—anything associated with gas buildup as Woodward’s gripewater is a mild natural supplement. It also helps in other ways like teething & digestion.

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