Woodwards Gripe Water FAQ'S

Woodward's Gripe Water is an Ayurvedic Formulation that has been used for over 170 years worldwide to provide relief from colic pain / stomach pain caused by gas, acidity and indigestion in newborns, infants, babies and children.

During teething, babies tend to gulp in air because of crying, which in turn leads to colic pain. So, Woodward’s gripe water helps in soothing your baby’s pain caused due to teething.

There are many causes for colic, some of them are overfeeding, underfeeding, infrequent burping, stress, food allergies, imbalance of healthy bacteria in the digestive system. But one of the main causes for colic in your baby is because they have a digestive system that isn’t fully developed.

A baby’s digestive system is still just learning to function for the first two years. Muscles that support digestion have not developed the proper rhythm (peristalsis) for moving food efficiently thought the digestive tract. Additionally, new born babies lack the needed quantity of bacterial flora (probiotics) that develop over time to aid digestion and complement the work performed by enzymes secreted in the digestive tract.

If you have a constipated baby do these to help them out. Give your baby a warm bath, do exercise, change their diet, keep them hydrated, give massages. And you have the ultimate solution for infant constipation, Woodward’s Gripe Water. Just give your baby Woodward's based on their age, regularly and see their digestion improve and constipation resolve naturally.

You can relieve your baby’s gas by burping, rocking the baby, feeding before meltdowns, doing baby bicycles, doing tummy time, gentle heat massage, etc. One another way to relieve infant gas is by giving Woodward’s Gripe water

Feed your baby in an upright position, and while feeding give smaller, more frequent feedings. When burping take time for that and if unable to burp your baby, administer Woodward’s Gripe water. You baby will burp naturally. Adopt these and you can reduce your baby’s acidity.