Is Gripe Water Baby-friendly and When to Use Gripe Water?

Gripe water has been safely given to babies by generations of mothers and their mothers to treat baby stomach troubles. However, recently some safety issues concerning administering gripe water has been raised by some young mothers, who are shying away from the practice that the older generations of our family members insisted on giving to the babies.  

Let’s take a look at what gripe water is?  

How does it help solve colic troubles in babies? 

So let’s read more about gripe water. 

What is Gripe Water and its uses?  

Woodward’s Gripe water is a time-tested formula, sold as an over-the-counter tonic to solve colic, teething and gas in babies.  

Is Gripe Water Baby-friendly? Most Gripe waters contains ingredients such as synthetic substances and alcohol that can be harmful to the baby. 

Alcohol: Alcohol is strictly a no-no for babies and can lead to an addiction problem in babies. 

Ayurvedic Solution: Woodward’s Gripe Water contains Dill Seed Oil (Anethum Graveolans) and Sarijikashara as primary ingredients. Moreover, It’s a gentle non-alcoholic stomach neutralizing agent that helps provide relief from stomach discomfort caused by gas, acid reflux and indigestion in babies. 

Always check the composition of ingredients to make sure you are buying the right gripe water for your baby. Gripe Water, like Woodward’s Gripe Water, is an ayurvedic supplement and has no side effects thanks to the ingredients used in it, which are carefully selected and tested. 

When to give your baby gripe water? 

First signs of Colic baby:  

Many parents swear by gripe water to prevent colic.  A time-tested Gripe Water like Woodward’s can be given to babies. It will relieve colic induced discomfort in babies and keep them happy and smiling. It’s recommended to give Woodward’s up to 3 times a day. 

When your baby is teething:  

Teething is a common problem in babies with swollen gums, and gripe water is an effective solution to reduce the pain. 

Indigestion, gas and other stomach troubles:  

Gripe water contains ayurvedic ingredients, such as dill seed oil for soothing the tummy and to ease digestion so that your baby can pass gas and get a good sleep. 

Can you add gripe water to formula milk or breast milk? 

Woodward’s gripe water should not be mixed with any other formula milk or breast milk. It should be given directly from the pack. 

Can we administer gripe water on an empty stomach? 

You must avoid giving gripe water to babies on an empty stomach, as babies have softer stomach linings and the delicate balance disturbed due to pH change.  

Woodward’s Gripe Water has been around for over 100 years now in India, and maybe longer the world over. After all, most of us are Woodward’s babies in our childhood. We continue to be healthy. Isn’t it? 

For an ayurvedic, and effective way to soothe your babies stomach troubles, choose Woodward’s. Their experience in baby care and the quality of their product is what makes Woodward the best Gripe Water brand. 

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