Ideal Weaning Foods & process to start your Baby on

Ideal Weaning Foods & process to start your Baby on

For up to 6 months, it is always best to give the baby breast milk. It is the most nutritious and wholesome food a baby can get. Unless there are compelling reasons like medication, lactose intolerance etc. continue breast feeding the baby.

Of course, almost all babies develop gas in the stomach during this period. This is not because of breast milk or what the mom is eating, but the baby is also sucking air along with milk. That is what causes gas in the baby’s stomach mostly.

This can be taken care of by patting the baby to burp after every feed or giving the baby Woodward’s Gripe Water.

However, once the baby is 6 months old, it is time to start introducing some solid food in to their diet. Try not to add all kinds of food at the same time. Just in case, the baby starts reacting to a particular kind of food / vegetable, you need to know. So, start introducing solid food one at a time.

Follow the 3 Day Rule:

  • Start 1 tablespoon one time a day on the first day.

  • Make it 2 tablespoons twice a day on the second day.

  • Make it 3 tablespoons thrice a day on the third day.

If you find everything good and nothing usual. Make this food a part of the regulars.

The most important thing is to boil the food and possibly give the food in a mashed state. Make sure the food has cooled down to room temperature before feeding the baby.

Give the baby home food like Rice mixed with Dal, Broccoli, Yam, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Apple, Pear etc. All of these in a mashed form is good.

Introduce the so-called allergy causing food also one at a time to identify If the baby is allergic. So, food like eggs, peanuts and even cow’s milk can cause allergy. And one way to find this is, the baby will start spitting, refuse the food, vomit the food etc. apart from any physical reactions.

The first symptom of this can also be through stomach gas and incessant crying. While Woodward’s Gripe water can help if you believe it is stomach gas or colic, it cannot solve an allergic issue. So, you need to be careful.

After about 3 months of introducing one solid food a day, it is time to gradually increase it 3 meals a day like Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Similarly start introducing different kinds of food, one at a time. While the baby might reject it sometimes, keep trying. After all, the baby needs getting used to newer foods, textures and taste.

Try not to thrust more food because you want the baby to get more nutrition. The baby will eat what is required by them naturally. Sometime more. Sometimes less. There is nothing to worry about. Just be patient and allow the baby to take in food at their own pace.

You can also start introducing some chunky food. Yes of course, the chunks should also be soft food just that it is in a chunky form.

Continue feeding your baby with breast milk. That will give them the energy & nutrition until they are a year old at least.

And don’t forget to give them Woodward’s Gripe Water. In case any of the food causes gas or Colic in your baby’s stomach, Woodward’s Gripe Water can manage that & keep your baby healthy & happy.

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