Best Positions for Breast Feeding

Best Positions for Breast Feeding

One of the dilemmas a new mom faces is finding the right position to feed the baby. This is also a little tricky because, the baby should feel comfortable and so should the mom as she needs to be in that position for a reasonably long time.

One of the biggest after effects of breastfeeding, especially when the posture is wrong, is Colic symptoms that the baby starts having after the feed. This does not mean the baby doesn’t like the breastfeed but just incorrect position has led to colic.

Some of the best positions for breastfeeding are:

Lying down: Lie down on a comfortable bed. Make the baby lie down close to your breasts and in parallel. Turn your body towards the baby and make it easier for the baby to have its feed.

Sitting Position 1: Sit down in a comfortable chair. Make the baby lie down on your lap. Support the baby’s head with the hand that is in the same side as the breast.

Sitting Position 2: Sit down comfortably. Make the baby lie down on your lap. Support the baby’s head with the hand from the other side of the breast that is feeding.

While Sitting Position 1 might cause some discomfort in the hands, Sitting Position 2 might also help you hold the baby’s head firmly and gently while they feed.

There are other positions like feeding from the side, chin support, dangling, etc. that work for some mothers & babies.

Whichever position works for you, go ahead and use it. There is no one size fits all rule that is applicable here. The only criteria you should use as judgment is that the baby should be able to comfortably feed and not display any colic symptoms post-feeding.

It is also advisable to pat the baby gently in the back or rock the baby a little to help it burp. You can also give the baby Woodward’s Gripe Water, 3 times a day in the prescribed dosage. Woodward’s Gripe Water relieves any Colic discomfort the baby might have symptomatically and keeps the baby happy & active.

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