Best Natural remedies for acid reflux in babies

natural remidies for acid reflux

What is acid reflux?

Acid Reflux is a digestive disease that occurs after we feed the baby. The contents of food in the stomach flow back into the esophagus. Acid reflux is not very serious, few tips can do the trick, like, burping your baby, giving Woodward’s Gripe Water, etc.

How to know if your baby is affected by acid reflux

Frequent vomiting

If your baby is vomiting after each meal, you should check it out. Because vomiting continuously is a sign of acid reflux. When you notice that your baby has dropped weight because of vomiting, do take them to the doctor.


One of the evident signs of baby acid reflux is that if your baby’s spit-up looks curdled. Curdling happens when your breastmilk or formula gets mixed up with your baby’s acidic stomach fluid. If your baby’s vomit looks curdled, you can be sure that he/she have acid reflux.


If your baby is showing irritability like being fussy or crying for a long time, it can mean that they are having acid reflux. When your baby takes too much fluid into that tiny tummy it can cause the contents to come back up into the esophagus. At that time, you can use Woodward’s Gripe water to help comfort your baby.

Eating issues

When your baby shows irritability because of acid reflux, naturally they might be uninterested to take in food. For them, the cause of pain is because they are being fed and eventually refuse to eat food. When you notice this try to feed them less frequently than usual. Thus, you can make sure that your baby is fed and at the same time, it will reduce the chances of pain.


The continuous crying of a colicky baby can be because of reflux. The irritation caused by reflux can trigger colic in your baby which results in the baby crying for a long period. The best remedy for colic is to feed your baby with Woodward’s gripe water.

What are the natural remedies?

Don’t overfeed

If you overfeed your baby, the chances are high that the contents in the stomach will come into the mouth. To prevent acid reflux, try to feed your baby less milk but feed them frequently, but each time you feed the quantity should be less. Like say, feed them every 2 to 3 hours but the servings should be lesser than usual. The chances of the baby spiting food reduce.


After each meal, you should not forget to burp your baby. Burping the baby will avoid the frequency of acid reflux to an extent. By burping the baby, you are helping keep the stomach pressure to a minimum. It reduces the chances of vomiting. Burping helps them digest the food faster.

Keep the baby upright after feeding

After feeding your baby always keep the baby upright as this can prevent them from having acid reflux. When you keep your baby upright because of gravity, food in the stomach will stay down and vomiting can also be stopped or avoided. You should keep your baby upright for at least half an hour, to let the food digest.

Try Gripe Water

Another effective way to reduce acid reflux is to use gripe water, as it helps the baby to burp. When you choose gripe water, always check for the quality of it. Woodward’s gripe water is very good for babies as it’s been there for over a century. Woodward’s gripe water is trusted by mothers all around the world.
Woodward’s gripe water is a wise choice for easing stomach discomfort experienced by the baby. Woodward’s gripe water comes in handy when your baby gets colicky all of a sudden and if they are experiencing acid reflux.

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