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When Do I Give Gripe Water to My Baby?

Babies tend to suck in air while feeding. The air bubbles get trapped in the stomach and cause gas and stomach discomfort. Most babies get fussy right after feeding due to gulping too much air or swallowing the food too quickly. It is good practice to administer gripe water after 30 mins from the feeding to allow some time to empty the tummy. When given too soon after feeding, the baby may spit it out as their stomach is full. If the baby does not complete feeding due to gas, administer gripe water to the baby before feeding.  

Woodward’s gripe water is a time-tested solution and should be administered as needed, and not as a preventive measure. Woodward’s can be given to newborns right from 6 months and children up to 3 years of age. Gripe water can be administered at the first signs of stomach discomfort. 

Woodward’s gripe water dosage depends on the individual baby and the age of the baby.  You can refer the pack for dosage instructions.  

Woodward’s gripe water ayurvedic formulation, helps relieve stomach discomfort and colic in babies by soothing their tiny stomach.  Watch your baby become happy and start grinning after getting the much-needed relief from stomach discomfort, and let out a satisfying burp. You may notice the baby immediately fall asleep after being given gripe water. This is because babies suffering from gas and colic will be exhausted after crying for many hours, and the immediate relief from the stomach trouble helps them gently sleep.  

For gas and colic pain in infants, we recommend colic remedies for babies that provide fast, immediate and effective relief, like Woodward’s gripe water.  In case you are wondering when is the right time to administer gripe water, it can be given when the baby is suffering from digestive problems or when the baby is teething, and you are about to introduce solid foods that causes gas or indigestion. It is useful during the teething period and aids in digestion. 

Woodward’s can be given up to 3 times each day, for best results, it is advised not to be mixed with any other alternatives. Keep administering Woodward’s at different times to better understand your baby’s feeding needs. 

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