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Top 5 Secrets To Your Baby’s Happiness

Seeing your baby’s adorable, happy little face makes you feel over the moon with joy. These 5 secrets will keep your little one hale and happy! 

Keeping your baby happy isn’t very difficult. Babies often have very simple needs and you have to believe that you have all the capabilities needed to keep them happy.  

Let us look at these 5 secrets in detail! 

More cuddle time 

Let’s admit it – cuddling your baby is one of your favourite parts of parenting. Well, we have some good news for you. Your baby loves cuddling as much as you do. Those cuddles make them feel warm, happy and safe. Take this as a hint to cuddle your baby more often. 

Keep tummy troubles away 

Prevent gas from accumulating in their tummy and make your little one happy by burping your baby after every meal. If your baby cries due to stomach pain, feed them 1 teaspoonful of Woodward’s gripe water, or as prescribed on the pack. It will ease the gas, acidity and indigestion symptomatically and make your baby happy again. 

Feed them before they get too hungry 

One secret to your baby’s happiness is knowing when to feed your baby. Don’t count on the clock to tell you when to feed your baby. Your clock doesn’t know when your baby is hungry. To keep your baby happy and healthy, it is better to watch out for signs of hunger. Try touching their cheek and wait to see if they move their mouth toward your hand or try to suckle. This usually indicates that they are hungry. If you feed them at the first sign of hunger, your baby will continue to be happy. 

Happy parents = happy baby 

When you are happy and healthy, your baby will be happy and healthy too. Your health and happiness is very important. Take some time to ensure you are taking care of yourself as well. It is often easy for new parents to neglect their own health when looking after their little one. Remember that you should never feel guilty about taking time for yourself. It is only going to do good for your little one. 

Peaceful and comfortable environment before bedtime 

A soothing night time routine can help calm your baby down and get better sleep. For this, make sure that your baby’s room is dark and quiet. After a warm bath, change of diapers and feeding, you can proceed to rock them to sleep. As mentioned earlier, cuddling helps make your baby feel safe, comfortable and happy. If you are putting your baby to sleep in a cot away from you, try swaddling your little one in a soft cloth. This way they will sleep peacefully and wake up feeling happy and rested. 

Now you know some of the simple secrets to your baby’s happiness. By following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to keep your baby smiling all day long. 

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