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5 Ways To Make Your Little Baby Laugh

Every parent loves seeing their child smile and laugh. The sound of their cooing laughter and the sight of their adorable smile is enough to make your day. It makes your heart warm up and that is why you would do anything to make them smile. But what is it that can really make your baby laugh?  

Making your baby laugh is really quite simple. As a matter of fact, the younger your baby is, the easier it is to make them laugh. So, here are a few quick and easy ways to make your little one giggle with glee: 

1. Play peekaboo 

When it comes to getting your baby to laugh, there is nothing that works better than playing peekaboo with your little one. All you need to do is cover your face with your hands, move close to your baby and then reveal your face saying “Peekaboo!”. They will instantly burst into laughter. 

2. Make funny faces 

There is a reason why you find mature, seemingly normal adults making peculiar faces when interacting with a baby. It’s because babies find it hilarious. Of course, you should avoid making scary faces or it might just cause the opposite reaction. 

3. Try blowing a raspberry 

Although there is no scientific explanation behind why this works, it really does. Hearing the sound makes babies laugh out loud. That is why you often see parents doing this with their children. It has become a parenting tradition to do this. 

4. All the tickles 

You may have noticed that when you bathe your baby, certain areas such as the feet, neck, tummy and underarms are very sensitive to tickles. Now, you may not intend to do it while bathing your little one but you when you want your baby to chuckle, you can always take the help of a soft feather. 

5. Take help from a child 

When all else fails, leave it to the experts. Young children know just how to make each other laugh. So, invite your niece, nephew or a friend’s child over. They are bound to find a way to get your baby to giggle away. 

These are sure fire ways to make your little munchkin laugh. Try them out and let us know what happens. Do you have any other unique ways to make your little one laugh? Share them in the comments below. 

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