10 Benefits of breastfeeding for mothers & babies

10 Benefits of breastfeeding for mothers & babies

Breastfeeding enables your baby’s physical and intellectual development, additionally, it protects your health. Here are the 10 benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby. Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby: 1. Ideal Nutrition Breast milk consists of all the nutrition an infant need for the first six months of life & in the right proportions. […]

Does gripe water work on colic pain in infants?

Does gripe water works on baby colic problems

What is Colic Pain? Colic pain is frequent, prolonged and intense crying or fussiness in your healthy infant. It is especially painful for parents as their little one’s distress occurs for no obvious reason and no level of consoling can bring any relief to your infant. What causes colic pain in infants? Overfeeding or underfeeding […]

Acid Reflux in your baby – causes, symptoms & remedies

Acid Reflux in your baby- causes, symptoms & remedies

What is infant acid reflux? Infant Reflux is a digestive disease that occurs after you feed your baby, contents of food in the stomach flow back into the throat. Acid reflux is not very serious, few tips can do the trick, like, burping your baby, giving Woodward’s Gripewater, etc. Causes of acid reflux The muscle […]